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 Make Gm's have Lvls

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Make Gm's have Lvls Empty
PostSubject: Make Gm's have Lvls   Make Gm's have Lvls I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 5:04 am

Lvl 1 - the power to submit ideas / use gm skillz no spamming them no large monster spawns no private boss spawning NO EVENTS able to ban within rules
Lvl 2 - all of Lvl 1 + able to Ban outside of rules for good reason
Lvl 3 - all lvl 2 + ability to skip steps in banning procedure
Lvl 4 - all Lvl 3 + ability to administer donation items + hold Events
and ban for any reason seen fit Ability to petition Gm's to be banned( highly trusted ppl )
Lvl 5 - Anything goes just don't be Stupid
Coder - Lvl 4 + Adverting for test server aloud ( there own 20 max person test server )
Addvertiser - Lvl 1 Gm if any at all
Donater ( if we have it ) - Lvl 1 + 1 Event day/week?
something i thought up about the way Gm's could work
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Make Gm's have Lvls
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